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Through solid experience and close engagement with the carbon market over time, Brinkman Climate will provide your project with comprehensive solutions to make your endeavour a success.

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Build a Project Idea Document

Exploring the development of a carbon offset project? Filling out a "Project Idea Document" is a great first step in curating and laying down the key elements of an offset project. 

Click below to download a Project Idea Document Template:

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Carbon Offset Development

Getting and keeping greenhouse gasses out of our shared atmosphere is the name of the game. Brinkman Climate designs and manages the development of carbon offset and other pay-for-erformance emissions reductions projects. By building these projects to the requirements of the BC Emission Offsets Regulation or other compliance standards, we ensure the financing of innovative projects that help stop climate change.

Brinkman Climate develops offset projects of all types. Our team has a broad range of sectoral experience including forestry, waste, transportation, agriculture, wetlands, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  In general terms, the offset development process encompasses:

Offset Contracting and Sale

A carbon project's success relies on the ability to sell offsets for the best price, under fair terms negotiated in advance. Brinkman Climate works with compliance and voluntary buyers to ensure our clients have the pricing and security needed to invest. Deploying innovation has long lead times and a level of inherent risk. By securing contracts early in a project's development, all parties can assess that risk, spot opportunity, and work with focus to get the job done.  

Smart Climate Policy

The carbon market is a influential funding mechanism, driving implementation of today's innovations in technology, business practice and resource management. Increasingly businesses, NGOs, and citizens have a direct pathway to finance the rollout of emissions reduction projects by working through the offset creation process. The Brinkman Climate team has contributed research, innovation and policy work to advance the status of the carbon market in BC and around the world. If your project can get greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere at scale, the carbon market can pay you to do so. By democratizing access to the benefits of a carbon pricing policy, governments share opportunity, responsibility and ownership of...