Case Studies

Adapting the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP) for use under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) methodology, VM 0034. Over the past three years Brinkman Climate’s Robert Seaton has worked with British Columbia’s Climate Action Secretariat to adapt and rewrite BC’s Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP) carbon standard so that it is compliant with the Verified Carbon Standard, a common standard used internationally in the voluntary carbon market. FCOP is a jurisdictionally specific sectoral methodology covering the full range of Improved Forest Management, Afforestation/Reforestation and REDD+ projects within British Columbia, and is now the first VCS methodology to cover all of the main forest carbon modalities.


Case Studies North America

Grasslands: Soil Carbon Methodology

Brinkman Earth Systems, (a partner division with Brinkman Climate) together with The Earth Partners, developed the first-ever comprehensive methodology for Agricultural Land Management (ALM) projects to the Verified Carbon Standard in 2012. The ...

Case Studies British Columbia

Cheakamus Community Forest

The Cheakamus Community Forest (CCF) in beautiful Sea-to-Sky country is enjoyed by millions of locals, British Columbians and international visitors each year. Originally logged under tenure to the major logging companies, in 2009, harvest rights on these crown lands were handed over to the community via a Community Forest Agreement. The 32,000 ha community forest is a partnership between the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the Lil’wat...